My Story

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator living in Madison, Wisconsin, and I help businesses build their brands and tell vivid, memorable stories. You’ll find my designs on company websites, conference websites and collateral, and concert posters, among other places.  

I studied Fine Art Illustration and Women’s Studies at the University of Connecticut for two years before moving to Madison. Shortly after I arrived, a friend asked me to make a poster for his company and I fell in love with type and design. After a few years of working in Photoshop (eeek!), I decided to get serious. I went to Madison College and got myself a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration. I also picked up the Web Certificate, which means I’m skilled in HTML and CSS, too. Best. Decision. Ever.

Since then, I’ve designed the user experience and user interface for all sorts of sites and worked on branding, illustration, and print projects. I’m passionate about social justice, diversity, and urban agriculture, and I love to work with like-minded people.

What do you do besides graphic design?

I do many things! Most importantly I’m currently a student at UW-Madison completing a Bachelors degree in Horticulture. I’m a novice ukulele player and live music junkie.

Why do you make art?

My father was the one who shoved a pencil and paper into my hands when I was a kid. He’d spend an afternoon helping me paint on t-shirts or get proportions right on faces. By the age of six, I knew all I wanted to do with my life is make things.

Who have you worked with on graphic design projects:

Knupp & Watson & Wallman (KW2), Hinckley Design & Production, Downtown Madison, Northside Planning Council, Next Generation Consulting, Dane101.com, Our Lives Magazine, iCandy Graphics, Spruce Studios, Yumbutter, Barriques, The Majestic, The Frequency, Speed Cycling, Workers Independent News, and others.

What did they think of your design skills?

I’ll let you hear it from them.

I’ve worked with graphic designers for 17 years. Unless you’re willing to work with a large agency (and pay them a fortune), it’s nearly impossible to get great, creative work from someone who returns your emails, meets her or his deadlines, and is kind. Daniella is all of those, and more. I recommend her to EVERYONE because it’s so hard to find truly gifted designers who are ALSO unfailingly professional.
— Rebecca Ryan, Next Generation Consulting
Daniella is an exceptionally gifted graphic designer. She has an equal skill for both print and web formats, and she can produce either format with considerable speed without sacrificing quality. Her design aesthetic shows remarkable range, spanning whimsy to sophistication with ease. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any project.
— Tiffany Green, Murfie.com

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