My classrooms

This is the Horticulture teaching garden at Eagle Heights and one of my favorite places I get to spend time in as a student at UW Madison. 

I've been long ignoring this blog because - woah - turns out taking science classes after a lifetime of studying art has been a bit of an adjustment. 

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Phenology Wheels

I've been playing with a bullet journal for the last couple years on and off - keeping track of tasks, ideas, and making it all look very pretty. I love that its basically a way to be a graphic designer with pen and paper, which is different than my day job as a designer via computer. It just requires a little more planning. No Cmmd + Z. 

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Ground Cherries

These little fruits are so amazing. They are prolific. They know how to party. The flavor, to me, is very similar to pineapples. And best of all, they are extremely easy to grow.

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June Garden Scenes

Homegrown chamomile tea and some big old Pom Pom chive flowers.

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Strawberries are happening!

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It's coming together. Some stuff hasn't come up yet for some reason so I'm going to go back and replant some things.

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A neighborhood cat decided to garden with me this morning. It was super cute. #catsofinstagram

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Hell yeah!

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The plan for 2016

Everything has been planned and mostly planted! The top section is what I have planted in containers on my porch and the bottom is what my raised bed garden looks like. I'm SUPER excited about this upcoming year. I feel good about the variety of veggies I have this year!

Three tiered airplant terrarium

Created at the Madison Greenhouse store on Williamson Street, I created a themed tiered terrarium based on different depths of the ocean with three varieties of Tillandsia (airplants). 


Garden 2015

Scenes from the garden in 2015