Phenology Wheels

I've been playing with a bullet journal for the last couple years on and off - keeping track of tasks, ideas, and making it all look very pretty. I love that its basically a way to be a graphic designer with pen and paper, which is different than my day job as a designer via computer. It just requires a little more planning. No Cmmd + Z. 

Front yard strawberries

I live in an urban setting but luckily for me my landlords have planted a ton of flowers in our tiny front "yard". I think its so they don't have to mow it. But its totally fine by me! We get to enjoy these very very sour strawberries. And right now there are iris', bleeding hearts, and a sea of lily of the valley about to bloom.

Olbrich Gardens, Scarlet Curls Willow

Spring has finally come to Wisconsin. Everything is green and I decided to take advantage of a day off and some beautiful weather to try out my watercolor pencils and colored pencils. I am really happy with how this sketch came out.