Front yard strawberries


I live in an urban setting but luckily for me my landlords have planted a ton of flowers in our tiny front "yard". I think its so they don't have to mow it. But its totally fine by me! We get to enjoy these very very sour strawberries. And right now there are iris', bleeding hearts, and a sea of lily of the valley about to bloom.

White petals are difficult but I remember my tattoo artist telling me many years ago to add light blue to flowers to make them look more white. So I tried that along with some very light grey and a tiny bit of peach.

I'd like to work on color matching a little more. Perhaps just do some studies with that as my primary focus. For this one, I wanted to get the curl of the leaves down. Which was tricky and I'm not sure I got it. But practice makes progress.

The weather today is chillier than it has been but still very nice. I tried to sit outside for the entirety of this piece but ended up laying down the watercolor layer first and then retreating to the warmth of the apartment to finish it up (which is why I picked the strawberry flower you see in the photo). I will press this flower in my big tarot book where I have some other flowers being dried. Any tips on preventing this white flower from yellowing too much?

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