July Garden Update

Things are in full swing at the community garden!

Sugar Snap Peas - for some reason didn't do very well this year. Got very dried out. Not sure why? 
Two varieties of cucumbers this year. I actually planted directly sowed them, and I'm kind of surprised they came up. Two healthy plants. I've of course forgotten the name - but its a big climbing cucumber. And the other is the sour Mexican gherkin which I had last year and I loved.
Kentucky green beans. Doin' their thing. 
SO MANY tomatoes this year. I made a big gardening no-no, which is that I didn't rotate. Meaning my tomatoes are planted in the same spot as they were last year. Hope that doesn't cause any problems but as you can tell from the rest of the plot - there's not a whole lot of wiggle room.

Not much to say on this one except (1) I'm sad that my rosemary died (2) I had an eggplant die via bugs (3) I moved my basil which also killed it (4) I am going to try to prevent plants from dying in the future. Kale has taken off this year. I'm very pleased. Strawberries were a little wet this year so I didn't get a very good crop - most were rotted on the plant. But as you saw in a previous post I did get a bunch at one point. 

Two ground cherries volunteered where I had planted spinach. No spinach came up? I don't know why. Not sure what happened. Bad batch of seeds I guess. So, there's two ground cherries over here too. I also decided to add in some last minute Patty Pan since they are an underwhelming squash - not too big and not too out of control. Collards! This is my first year doing collards and I LOVE them. OMG.I want collards all the time. This is also my first year with peppers and there's a ton on each plant. Even the orange bell pepper has some on there. Yess. I planted Detroit Red Beets, obviously. Because beets are the best. I'm excited about the Edamame, also have never tried to grow those. In the past I've weeded out the Milkweed, but honestly - they're not in the way and monarch butterflies eat Milkweed exclusively so I thought it would be good to keep them around. 

I'll update again in a few weeks! Still no tomatoes but soon! I've got plenty of flowers and baby tomatoes growing.