Phenology Wheels

I've been playing with a bullet journal for the last couple years on and off - keeping track of tasks, ideas, and making it all look very pretty. I love that its basically a way to be a graphic designer with pen and paper, which is different than my day job as a designer via computer. It just requires a little more planning. No Cmmd + Z. One of the cooler parts of a bujo is habit trackers. I just love the way they look. Its the daughter of an engineer in me. Organization of information is fun.

A few months ago as I was researching botanical illustration I stumbled on a phenology wheel. Specifically this beauty by Janet Moore.

Janet Moore.jpg

I mean, honestly. Have you ever seen something so beautiful? There are SO many things I love about this specific illustration (the tree's used as a divider between the season, the tree cookie in the center with its rings, the branches used as the outer ring...). Its been such a source of inspiration for me. This is the kind of work I aspire to make.

Yesterday I sat down with my ruler, graph paper, and protractor and worked on ways to divide up a circle. I wanted an easy method to create this circular infographic. And wrote down different things I could keep track of.

The first thing to consider... how do I want to divide the wheel? For example, above there are four - Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer. Do I want to create a wheel for the Gregorian Calendar? The Lunar Cycles? The seasons? The months?

What do I want to keep track of? Am I reporting on my own data (how I'm feeling, whether or not I drank enough water that day, etc) or am I reporting on my surroundings (the rise and set of the sun, the temperatures, etc).

I still haven't decided what I want to record. I know that I want to base my wheel on the lunar calendar - starting on the new moons.

P.S. If you want to watch some COOL SHIT about the moon, I recommend Crash Course's "Moon Phases" and "The Moon".

2017-05-20 21.49.25-2.jpg

Here is my rough draft. I want to add in all the moon phases (or at least the gibbous moons). I also added in the Void of Course of the moon. This is obviously a lot more information based vs. the above wheel by Moore, but the idea is the same. Record the changes.

I am really drawn to the wheel as a metaphor. About cycles. About women's cycles. Earth cycles. Life cycles. Our rhythms and how they relate to the earth. Definitely something I want to keep exploring and developing. I'm sure you will see more of these wheels on the blog.

If anyone has recommendations of things to record I would love to hear them. 

And since I just binge listened to S Town and have been thinking about the parallels between sundials and phenology wheels I'll leave you with this sundial motto:

Serius est quam cogitas. (It's later than you think.)