Design Madison MakeSh!t Conference


Put this under the category of shit I will not forget about for a long time.  Last week I went to Design Madison's first conference, MakeSh!t, and I had such a great time. I spent most of it hanging with creative people who do awesome things.

From my notebook (mix of a bunch of speaker quotes, misquotes, re-interpretations, and thoughts):

  • With  rock solid branding you can create variety. 
  • Build your own reality.
  • Don't Wait.
  • It's only a fucking sign.
  • Greatest sin is sitting on your ass.
  • Take the time to get it right. 
  • Hear: Listen to customers, See: get out from behind your desk - immerse, Think: creative spark, Talk: collaborate. 
  • Think outside your current job. 
  • The magic of science and empathy.
  • True to form. 
  • Communicate that you're a maker.
  • Define yourself as an authority. 
  • Avoid using the word "like".
  • Pleasure of recognition and the promise of meaning. 
  • What happens when there's no money. 

Thanks guys! 

Daniella Echeverria

Madison, WI