Digital Imaging, the year 2000.

I've been going through my apartment cleaning things and I found a gem. I guess I kept some homework from high school. Specifically my Digital Imaging class, which was the class about Photoshop! Ha. Some of these assignments are... well... you decide. 


This one I solidly recall as the first ever thing I ever did in Photoshop.


Lets play a game. Can you name all the filters?


Its kinda like graphic design, right? At least its not comic sans?? ( ::cough cough:: I am totally not showing you guys the one I did in comic sans... ::cough:: )


But obviously I was destined for greatness. A++, bitches! And I got me some holographic pumpkin stickers.


Who knew these silly projects would turn out to be the thing I decided to do with my life. Glad I got over the Mac thing.

Daniella Echeverria

Madison, WI