Venus in Furs CD Jacket

"Welcome to the Club" is the first full length album from the Wisconsin band, Venus in Furs. The album cover is inspired by the backdrop they were using at their shows. Layout and photography by Honeybee Studio. 


The Antidote

An Alternate Reality Game created by Daniella Echeverria (concept + design) and Kyle Pfister (concept + copywriter) for Rock County Folk Symposium V. 

For one weekend in Janesville, Wisconsin we created an alternate reality game where festival goers were "quarantined" and were asked to discover the cause of the disease, find out how to cure it, and receive an "antidote". In Wisconsin, that means they received cheese and a shot. Trying to take move each person from place to place by involving them in the story, creating narratives for them to discover, and rewarding them with "the antidote".

 Featured on the  Urban Outfitters blog

Featured on the Urban Outfitters blog


Mexican American Folklore book jacket

★ Silver Addy Winner

Design and hand drawn type: Daniella Echeverria
Photography: Keith Johnson
Model: Victoria Echeverria


Bike Helmet PSA

★ Silver Addy Winner