The only thing that could rival my love of art and design is my love of the garden

I've been gardening since 2009 and for the last five years I've been at the Atwood Community Garden. About three years ago I became a little obsessed with my favorite insect, the honeybee. They are so crucial to our ecosystem! I took a few beekeeping classes but because I'm living in an apartment with limited space (and zero backyard) I've been unable to keep bees myself. I hope that will change soon! For now, I will do what I can!


Simple ways you can help honey bees!

  1. Plant your garden with bee friendly plants. There are a huge number of options!
  2. Buy local honey (if you're local to Madison, Wisconsin - check out Mad Urban Bees or Gentle Breeze Honey)
  3. Write to your local representative urging them to ask the EPA and USDA to ban neonicotinoids
  4. Let dandelions grow in your yard, especially in the early spring - these are one of the earlier bloomers and help the bees get through early spring. 


I've started a little blog about my gardening adventures if you're interested! Topics covered: vegetable gardening, container gardening, houseplants, cactus' & succulents, preserving, trials and tribulations, probably some complaining about weeds... and just about anything else I can think of!

If you want to see more photos of my garden chances are if its somewhere between April and October I will be posting updates to my Instagram.

Honeybees enjoying some of the flowers from
the Bee Feed Flower Seed Mix I planted last year.